Before branding feminism a pseudoscience, it is important to identify what a pseudoscience is. There is disagreement within the scientific community about what constitutes pseudoscience, but the generally agreed upon definition was created by the philosopher Karl Popper. Popper’s definition states that if a conclusion is based off a hypothesis which is unfalsifiable, then it is pseudoscience.

Consider the following example. The theory of gravity is based off the hypothesis that an attractive force exists between all material objects. This hypothesis has been validated using numerous experiments. But this in itself does not lend scientific validity to the hypothesis. What makes it scientific is the fact that the hypothesis is falsifiable. If someone provided experimental results demonstrating that this attractive force does not exist between material objects, the hypothesis would be falsified. In other words, the theory of gravity is a legitimate scientific conclusion because it is based off a hypothesis which has the potential to be proven wrong.

Consider another example. Imagine that a hypothesis is presented. The hypothesis is in turn tested via experimentation, and the results confirm the hypothesis. Other people go on to test the hypothesis using a variety of experiments, and the results always confirm the hypothesis. The problem is that the results are wildly inconsistent, and yet they always confirm the hypothesis.

The results match that predicted by the hypothesis? They prove the hypothesis. They do the opposite of what is predicted by the hypothesis? Still proves the hypothesis. They turn up results totally unrelated to the hypothesis? Doesn’t matter, it still proves the hypothesis. The experimenter is too hung over to perform the experiment, so he scribbles a picture of Scooby Doo in his lab notebook and presents those as his results? You guessed it, that still proves the hypothesis.

At this point a skeptic could reasonably conclude that the experiments always prove the hypothesis, regardless of the outcome. In other words, the hypothesis is unfalsifiable. It makes a claim which cannot be disproven, thus it is a pseudoscience.

Feminism is a Pseudoscience

Feminism is based on the hypothesis that society is ruled by a white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, which is a series of social systems that provides privilege to white heterosexual men by oppressing women and racial minorities. Supposedly this hypothesis is substantiated by experimental evidence, but if one examines the results they will notice that it is impossible for the hypothesis to be falsified.

There are less women in STEM than men? This is patriarchal oppression. There are more women in nursing than men? That is patriarchal oppression because society is driving women into a field that involves caring for other people, thus perpetuating the stereotype that women are better caregivers than men.

Men have higher median incomes than women? That is patriarchal oppression because money equals power. More men are in prison than women? The patriarchy is to blame because it is motivating men to be more aggressive than women, thus causing more men to go to prison than women. This still grants privilege to men because women are subjected to male aggression.

Women live longer than men? More men are homeless than women? Men have higher rates of substance abuse than women? Men have higher rates of suicide than women? The patriarchy is to blame because it conditions men to behave recklessly, thus contributing to the oppression of women.

At this point a skeptic would reasonably ask, what would it take to prove that the patriarchy is not real? The answer is nothing. No matter what social phenomena are observed by feminists, they will always conclude that it is the result of patriarchal systems oppressing women and racial minorities for the benefit of white heterosexual men. The following quote from influential feminist Anita Sarkeesian sums up the science of feminism:



Feminism is not a thought experiment that exists solely within my head; it is a reality in academia. Most universities have a women and gender studies department that exists for the purpose of proving the existence of the patriarchy and recruiting activists to fight said patriarchy. It is all based on pseudoscience, but if no one calls them out on this they will continue to promote their ideology on the grounds that it is scientifically validated.

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