Social justice is the quintessential wolf in sheep’s clothing. Though seemingly benign upon initial observation, social justice can become toxic if one allows it to take hold in their life. Fortunately, social justice follows a simple and predictable pattern of coercion that is easy to counter provided one has the mental fortitude to stand up to it.

The Formula of Social Justice

Social justice comes in many varieties. In times past it was known as Marxism and communism, though eventually the atrocious nature of these ideologies was revealed. In lieu of doing the necessary self reflection to atone for their mistakes, the ideologues responsible for creating these atrocities chose to carry on their work under the guise of a new ideology. Like an exposed snake oil salesman, these ideologues simply rebranded their product and took their scam elsewhere.

Today these ideologues operate under a variety of loosely organized ideologies collectively known as “social justice.” Some of its more prominent manifestations include feminism, Black Lives Matter and postmodernism. Despite its loosely organized nature, social justice warriors (SJWs) dogmatically follow the same rigid orthodoxy of their Marxist and communist forefathers:

  • All the world’s evil is the result of inequalities between groups of different people.
  • Those who are favored by inequality are privileged, while those disfavored by inequality are oppressed.
  • Privileged people are fully responsible for the oppression of the oppressed people.
  • Therefore privileged people are responsible for all of the world’s evil.
  • Finally, it stands to reason that society has a moral obligation to hate privileged people.

For example, Marxists and communists split the world into bourgeoisie and proletariat. They saw the bourgeoisie as the corrupt middle class that was oppressing the working class proletariat. Capitalism was the tool used by the bourgeoisie to oppress the proletariat. Likewise feminists see men as the privileged oppressors of women. Patriarchy, and all of its expectations that men behave like men and women behave like women, is their primary means of oppression.

I could cite more examples, but that would be a lengthy process as there are virtually infinite ways for this formula to be implemented. In fact, much of the danger of social justice lies in its ambiguity. Many people victimized by social justice are too overwhelmed by the vagueness and intensity of its hatred to know how to fight back.

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

In order to combat social justice, it is important to understand its underlying psychology. SJWs are motivated primarily by unwarranted self-importance coupled with an intense resentment of the world. Social justice is attractive to people in this mindset as it provides them with the ideological justification to harbor an intense hatred towards other people while regarding themselves as benevolent saviors.

Keep in mind that SJWs have mastered the art of disguising their true intentions. Rather than admitting that they hate the people whom they have deemed “oppressors,” they claim to be fighting on behalf of the “oppressed.” For example, when feminists demonstrate their overt hatred towards white heterosexual men, they frame it in such a way so that they are defending women from the evil patriarchy. It is a remarkably effective tactic, because if men stand up for themselves, feminists will accuse them of supporting the oppression of women.

Therein lies the wolf in sheep’s clothing. A superficial analysis of social justice may conclude that it is merely an ideology dedicated to standing up for oppressed people. It takes a dedicated mind to unravel their web of lies and uncover their true nature. Unfortunately most people are too busy with their daily lives to do this. Therein lies another danger of social justice. Society is by and large unwilling to fight back against SJWs, but SJWs are constantly searching for new ways to impose their ideology on society. Up until Donald Trump’s run for president, there was very little organized resistance towards social justice.



1687 woodcut by Francis Barlow depicting the hanging of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Corrupt ideologues are a phenomenon that all generations have had to deal with.

Every generation has its share of corrupt ideologues who sneak their way into positions of authority, and ours is no different. Our generation’s manifestation of this phenomena is SJWs. SJWs find academia particularly attractive, and as such it serves largely as their unofficial base of operations. That being said, SJWs are everywhere and have achieved a large amount of influence in the media, government and the corporate world as well. Much of the danger of social justice lies in the fact that SJWs are convinced that they have both the right and responsibility to transform every human institution they encounter into an extension of their ideology.

Many people naively believe that it is possible to appease SJWs. They see the amount of hatred that social justice heretics are subjected to and conclude that it is better to leave them alone. They need to realize that SJWs are motivated primarily by unwarranted self-importance and an intense resentment towards the world. If the people deemed “oppressors” by the SJWs were ever eliminated from society, they would simply find a new group of people to label oppressors and the process would repeat itself. It is a toxic and divisive process, that if left unchecked, will eventually cause society to eat itself whole.


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