The Source Family was a California-based cult from the 1960-70’s whose beliefs and practices were characteristic of the Illuminati religion. What makes them unique among other Illuminati organizations is how open they are with the public, offering unique insight into what happens behind the scenes in the Illuminati religion.


An iconic photo of Jim Baker (aka Father Yod), the charismatic leader of the Source Family.

The purpose of this article is not to criticize or endorse the Source Family or the Illuminati. Instead, I am attempting to provide an accurate explanation of the occult practices and beliefs of the Source Family. I am doing this as part of a larger effort to clear up a lot of the misinformation surrounding the Illuminati. I will leave it up to you to form your own opinions about the Source Family and the Illuminati.

There are several resources I will be utilizing for this article. The first is the 2012 documentary The Source Family, created by former members of the Source Family. This documentary outlines the history and beliefs of the Source Family in addition to providing numerous images of the cult while it was in operation. It is the source of the images I will be using in this article. Another resource is the blog Life in the Source Family created by Laura Garon, someone who claims to be a former member of the Source Family.

What makes Garon’s story interesting is how strongly it differs from that of the other members. The other members describe the Source Family as being a flawed cult that still managed to have a relatively positive impact on its members. Garon, on the other hand, describes it as an abusive cult that existed solely for the purpose of fulfilling the sexual and egotistical predilections of its leader and his inner circle of loyal followers.

The final resource I will be utilizing for this article a book on the occult titled The Book of Secrets, written by Daniel Pineda in 2011. I will be using this to provide an explanation of the occult imagery that the Source Family made extensive use of. This book only offers an introduction to the occult, but its information is more or less consistent with that found in more in depth occult resources.

Note that as I have explained in the past, the word Illuminati has multiple definitions. For the purposes of this article, I am going with the first definition, which is that the Illuminati is a loosely organized religion. It is not a perfect definition, but for now it is the best definition I have to work with.

History of the Source Family

This is only a brief history of the Source Family; a more in depth history can be found in the documentary. Jim Baker was the charismatic leader of the Source Family. He changed his name to Father Yod upon founding the family. Before that, he was a businessman who managed a series of health food restaurants. His most famous restaurant was the Source Restaurant, which served as a source of income and base of operations for his cult in its initial days.


Outside view of the Source Family, a source of income and base of operations for much of the cult’s activity in its early days.

His followers held him in high esteem and made grandiose claims about him. Apparently he was a judo champion and a World War II hero. They also claimed that he performed bank robberies as a way of funding his business ventures, and that he even killed some people outside of the war. Supposedly he was capable of performing miracles.

As is common for cults, the situation gradually got out of control, hindering the cult’s ability to take care of its own members. It is difficult to tell how the family members regarded Jim Baker in the early days, but towards the end of the cult’s life, they literally revered him as a deity.

The cult members moved into increasingly squalid conditions as the life of the cult progressed. At one point, they had 140 people living in a three bedroom, three bathroom house. They were under constant pressure from the authorities, including health inspectors, building inspectors and child services. Statutory rape of underage girls was occurring in the Source Family, so Jim Baker required all of the girls to get legally married as a way of alleviating pressure from the authorities.

Jim Baker initially required monogamy from his members, but eventually he suspended that rule on took on 13 wives. His original wife, Robin, did not approve of this decision and claims to have suffered emotional turmoil as a result.


Baker marrying Robin (a Source Family member), the first wife he took during the cult’s lifetime.

Though the cult was initially based out of Los Angeles, they eventually fled to Hawaii. Baker was under increasing pressure at this point, which caused his behavior to become more erratic, if it was not enough so already. On the last day of his life, he confessed to his followers that he was not a deity like they believed him to be. He then proceeded to fly a hang glider off a cliff. His lack of experience in hang gliding caused him to fall to his death.


Baker and other Source Family members, moments before he hang glided to his death.

It is difficult to tell what his motive was for doing this. It could have been a suicide, or it could have been a test to see if he really was a deity. Either way, his death marked the beginning of the end for the Source Family. His favorite wife, Makushla, served as their spiritual leader for two more years before the family disbanded altogether.


Baker’s favorite wife, Makushla, accompanying Baker following his fatal hang gliding accident.

Occult Imagery in the Source Family



Three images of the Source Family depicting the hexagram, a common occult symbol. (Top to bottom) the house where many Source Family members lived, member Harvest Moon in the Source Restaurant, member Om-Ne.

These three images show the hexagram (a six-pointed star), a common occult symbol. These images give you an idea for how extensive occult imagery was in the daily lives of Source Family members.

The hexagram is a six-pointed star formed by two equilateral triangles. It symbolizes both the harmonization of masculine and feminine forces and the energies of the six planets that the ancients believed surrounded the sun…It is referred to in Freemasonry as the interlocking Deltas, the Greek letter Delta corresponding with love and union. In the qabalistic Tree of Life, the hexagram is placed in the sixth emanation of God, known as Tiphareth, or Beauty.

The Book of Secrets, Pineda 2011

In addition, the image of Om-Ne shows a group of triangles, known as the Tetractys, encased within the hexagram.

The Tetractys is an upward triangular figure consisting of ten dots arranged in four rows. The uppermost row has one dot, the second has two, and so on. This symbol was of supreme importance to the mystical system of Pythagoras. The sum of the four rows being ten, these numbers where (sic) interpreted by the Pythagoreans as reestablishing unity in the decimal, after the initial dispersion of the Monad, thus creating the material world. The Tetractys is the perfect hieroglyph of the tetrad as a process of manifestation and is therefore related to divine order and authority. Each row also represents a divine world of plane of existence symbolized by the four elements as well as the Four Worlds of the Qabalah.



Jim Baker and Robin’s wedding. The officiant is wearing a hexagram necklace and there is an image of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in the background.

The officiant for Jim Baker and Robin’s wedding is wearing a hexagram necklace. There is an image of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in the background.

Qabalistic cosmology has its foundation in the Otz Chayim, or Tree of Life. It is a glyph that allows Adepti to catalog all experiences and ideas in its twenty-two paths, and the ten Sephira or emanations…Each Sephira represents a state of divine consciousness, acting like the layers of an onion, enveloping the innermost core of being. The twenty-two paths each correspond with a Hebrew letter, connecting the Sephira to one another and instructing mystics on the proper method of peeling away each layer from the cosmic onion.


Also note that the concept of “Yod” is represented in the Tree of Life. Remember that Jim Baker changed his name to “Father Yod” after starting the Source Family.

Within the Tree of Life are Four Worlds, or levels of being. These Worlds each have their own function and correspond to the Tetragammaton, IHVH:

י I, Yod: The First of these is Atziluth, the realm of pure divinity.

ה H, Hé: The Second is Briah, the realm of creation and archangels.

ו V, Vav: The Third is Yeztirah, the realm of ideas and formation.

ה H, Hé: The Fourth is Assiah, the realm of materiality and the heavenly bodies.




Three images showing the pentagram. (Top to bottom) a stained glass window showing the pentagram, Baker wearing a pentagram necklace, album cover from the Source Family’s band Ya Ho Wha 13 showing 13 pentagrams.

These three images show the pentagram (a five-pointed star), one of the few occult symbols recognized by the general public.

The pentagram is a five-pointed star symbolic of humanity and the microcosm, literally meaning “the small order or world.” Made by drawing five straight lines, it contains the mathematical expression known as the Golden Ratio. It represents the entire spectrum and evolution of nature’s hidden workings from dense matter to subtle force, the five points standing for the Neo-Pythagorean elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit. The pentagram is also called a pentalpha, the five points (pent) connecting the phases and densities of the alchemical first matter (alpha). It has been used a symbol (sic) for the five wounds of Jesus Christ, and therefore the stigmata. Used for protection against evil spirits by gaining command over them as well as invoking angelic powers, the pentagram is a recurring element in mystical-magical culture.



A girl playing with the “Hanged Man” Tarot card.

This image shows a girl playing with the “hanged man” Tarot card. Tarot cards are commonly used as a means of divination by the Illuminati.

The Tarot, or the Book of Thoth as it has been called, is the visual record of the initiatory path in its entirety. Used by fortunetellers, occultists, and many ordinary people interested in dabbling in the unknown, this deck of seventy-eight cards has intrigued Western civilization for the past five hundred years. The deck is divided into two parts: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The word Arcana means “secrets or mysteries,” for it is the greater and lesser mysteries that are revealed in the study of the Tarot.

The Major Arcana are made up of twenty-two cards, traditionally corresponding to the various planets, zodiac signs, and elements, as well as the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The Minor Arcana contain four suits, each of which represents one of the four elements. The small cards are numbered from ace to ten and represent the ten sacred numbers of the qabalistic Sephira. Then come the court cards, usually king, queen, knight, and page, being the Four Worlds and elements of the Tree of Life.



Famous occultists Manly P. Hall, whom Robin Baker claims the Source Family was in contact with.

Manly P. Hall is an occultist famous for compiling a history of the Illuminati from ancient times up until the 20th century in his 1928 book The Secret Teachings of all Ages. Robin Baker (Jim Baker’s wife) claims the Source Family was in contact with him.

Manly Palmer Hall


Manly Palmer Hall was a Canadian-born author, Freemason, and mystic who wrote the masterpiece The Secret Teachings of All Ages at the age of twenty-seven. He founded the Philosophical Research Society, an organization dedicated to the study of mystical and occult subjects, including Freemasonry and the Western mystery tradition.



This woman’s necklace displays the Caduceus.

This woman’s necklace displays the Caduceus, an occult symbol representing a kundalini awakening. It is an alternate way of depicting the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. A kundalini awakening is a bodily process whereby kundalini energy originating in the base of one’s spine shoots up to the pineal gland (located in the brain), resulting in an altered state of consciousness that supposedly allows one to experience their true divine nature.

The winged wand depicting twin serpents entwined is known as the Caduceus, or kerykeion in Greek. It is the principle tool of Hermes-also called Mercury-the messenger of the gods…The staff of Hermes symbolizes the path of the kundalini energy up the three main channels along and within the spinal column. The central channel known as the Shushumna is depicted as the rod, while the two snakes are the left and right channels of positive and negative polarity called the Ida and Pingala. The open wings at the top of the staff represent the liberation of the soul that accompanies the attainment of wisdom, and they also form the shape of the cross. Hermes’ position as Logos, or divine word, connects him with the other saviors of the ancient world who were guides in the afterlife and were represented by the cross or other phallic objects.


In addition to changing their first names to have an occult significance, many members of the Source Family changed their middle and last names to “the Aquarian” (i.e. Robin Baker changed her name to: first name “Ah-Om”, middle “the”, last “Aquarian”). There is an occult significance to this. The Illuminati believe in astrology, meaning that humanity enters new spiritual stages approximately every 2,000 years. They generally agree that the birth of Christianity marked the beginning of the Age of Pisces (Pisces being represented by the astrological symbol of the fish; notice how Christianity is sometimes associated with this symbol). They believe that humanity is now in the process of entering the “Age of Aquarius” whereby Christianity will be abandoned in favor of their religion. This is why the religion is commonly called “new age.”

The Source Family were no exception to this belief. They believed that they were the people who were going to lead humanity into the Aquarian Age, hence the changing of their names to “the Aquarian” was done for more than just aesthetic reasons.

The New Age

Astrological signs and symbols are used for more than mere divination. Properly understood, they tell the story of the creation of the cosmos and the spiritual destiny of humankind. Ancient civilizations as well as modern mystics have divided the history of the world into astrological ages. These are known as the precession of equinoxes, and they occur at intervals of approximately 2,150 years. Rather than moving from Aries to Pisces, the ages proceed in a retrograde, or backward direction, as our solar system is currently moving from the Piscean to the Aquarian age. Although the precise date and time of the beginning of the Aquarian age is not agreed upon by all researchers, the majority of the secret traditions believe that is now at hand. The changes expected due to this astrological shift include a growing interest in the occult and spirituality as personal expression, an aversion to traditional patriarchal societal structure, and a global movement toward political and economic liberty.


Aleister Crowley, Sex Magick, and the Source Family

A rule of thumb that I have regarding the occult is that all manifestations of this religion are influenced by Aleister Crowley, the Source Family being no exception. As I have stated elsewhere, Aleister Crowley is an Illuminati prophet, who, for better or worse, is the face of modern-day occultism. In addition to writing The Book of the Law, a seminal Illuminati text, he popularized sex magick (spelled with a “k” at the end to differentiate it from stage magic), which are a series of sexual rituals that supposedly cause one to experience enlightened states of consciousness via a kundalini awakening.

Aleister Crowley


Aleister Crowley was an English occultist, author, mountaineer, poet, playwright, yogi, adventurer, spy, and outspoken proponent of religious, sexual, and political liberty…On April 8, 9, and 10, he heard and saw an angel who identified himself as Aiwass and delivered to Crowley Liber AL vel Legis, or The Book of the Law. The book announces the arrival of the New Aeon of Horus, supplanting previous religious structures that were based on an antiquated understanding of nature and the true identity of humankind…Crowley’s body of work is voluminous and is highly regarded by modern occultists as the standard against which all other magical writers are judged.


Former members admit during the documentary that sex magick was their most protected and regarded spiritual practice. One even admits that they were forced to participate in the sex magick rituals, whether they wanted to or not.

Father became interested in sexual magick from the teachings of the Order of the Golden Dawn which was an occult society interested in channeling sexual energy for magickal purposes.


Well that’s what everybody wants to know about and they say wow, you, you know, what happened back then? You had, you had two wives? Oh my god, you must’ve been screwing your hat off and you know doing all these fantastic orgies and stuff. No it wasn’t that at all. The sex magick was to raise your consciousness. It was definitely not about lust. So this was not something to be taken lightly, this was like taking the heaviest of everything. This was the heaviest. It was not revealed to anybody.

-Orbit Aquarian

For a number of people that was where the line got drawn and where people began to think this has gone to the dark side and were leaving.


That ceremony kept us bound at a very molecular level. And you, you, you had to participate in that.


The Source Family, 2012

Notice that the first quote mentioned that Jim Baker got his sex magick rituals from the teaching of the Order of the Golden Dawn. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, to which he is presumably referring to, is an occult society that has been influential over the past century.

Founded in the late 19th century, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is a magical secret society that initiates and instructs its members in various methods of the mystic arts. Its extended membership included people who would later go on to found their own occult movements and organizations, such as Dion Fortune, A. E. Waite, Israel Regardie, Paul Foster Case, and Aleister Crowley.

The ceremonies of the Order are based on the Egyptian Book of the Dead, qabalistic and alchemical writings, the Rosicrucian mythos, and Christian mysticism. The system of grading within the order is based on the Sephira of the qabalistic Tree of Life, dividing itself into three degrees-the outer, inner or second, and third order…

…Today there are many offshoots of the Golden Dawn, primarily due to the publication of their rituals by Crowley, Regardie, and others. Among the subjects taught by the Order are astrology, divination, the Hermetic Qabalah, ceremonial magic, and geomancy.

The Book of  Secrets, Pineda 2011


Image displayed during the documentary’s discussion on sex magick shows the occult symbols for sex magick.

The documentary displayed the following image during its discussion on sex magick. This image shows the occult symbols representing sex magick. Notice that there is a female on the left with a moon for a face and a male on the right with a sun for a face. In sex magick, the feminine force is represented by the moon and the masculine by the sun. Also notice that the female has an inverted triangle over her crotch and the male an upright triangle over his. These triangles represent feminine and masculine energy, respectively.

The moon is considered to be the mother of the philosopher’s stone, and therefore of life itself, due to her influence on tides and menstrual cycles. She rules the subconscious realm and enhances psychic abilities. The moon is placed in the Sephira of Yesod (the Foundation) on the Tree of Life, and is personified as Hecate, Artemis, and all goddesses…

…Indeed, practically every true deity that man has worshipped is a representation of the sun. It is father of life, the son of infinite space, the true center of ourselves, and the devourer of worlds. Corresponding to the qabalistic emanation of Tiphareth, or Beauty, and alchemical gold, the sun’s symbol is both the hexagram and the circle with a point in its center.

The Book of Secrets, Pineda 2011

Laura Garon, a person who claims to be a former member of the Source Family, expands upon the sex magick on her blog. She has stated on numerous occasions that the purpose of the Source Family was to manipulate its members for the purpose of fulfilling the sexual and egotistical predilections of Jim Baker. She claims that the sex magick was just another means of control employed by Baker.

I was almost thinking of using the title “No Condoms Here” for this post, rather than “Sex That Was Not Magic”, because with all of the exchange of bodily fluids that was promoted by Father Yod; it presented a frightening scenario of health concerns and complications resulting from the unprotected sex of an entire group of people engaging in a form of sexual ‘musical chairs’ where the exchange of sexual partners within The Source Family was seen as an everyday thing, because Jim Baker encouraged all of the women and men to have sex with whomever they wanted in ‘the family’; even placing people with certain partners…When Jim Baker began reading Aleister Crowley’s writings on ‘sex magick’ and then decided that all of ‘the family’ members should engage in his adaptation of ceremonial sex; things began to change dramatically. There were two acceptable ways of having sex in The Source Family; one was the most common called ‘dionism’ (not sure of how it was spelled, because it wasn’t written down) where the man held his seed (except to procreate), in an upright sitting tantric yoga position; this was the most commonly practiced ‘sex magic’ that Jim Baker extolled and performed with his entourage of women, and which seemed rather benign and even subdued. But, then Jim Baker decided to take having sex to a whole other level by adopting and using Aleister Crowley’s ‘sex magick’ of a ceremonial nature, which included semen and a woman’s menstrual cycle that was referred to as qudosh within The Source Family (the reader can draw their own conclusions, because that’s the extent of what I am willing to go on the subject)…When Jim Baker made ‘sex magic’ the predominant focus of his so-called ‘teachings’, it created a pervasive and underlying sense of coercion and shame in the majority of former Source Family members that, in my opinion continues to this day. That is also the main reason that no one speaks openly about the ‘sex magic’ that was performed in The Source Family, because it is just too embarrassing for anyone to admit to having participated.

Sex That Was Not Magic, Life in the Source Family by Laura Garon 2015

Garon stated in later articles that the practice of qudosh involved eating a combination of semen and menstrual blood. This is a real occult practice that is not limited to the Source Family, but that is a discussion for another day. She believes that this information was purposely withheld from the documentary for the purpose of protecting the Source Family’s reputation.

If the filmmakers had been given all of the facts initially where every aspect of what went on in The Source Family had been revealed to them, rather than only being fed one former member’s whitewashed and sanitized version or narrative; then perhaps the film labeled a documentary would have been a more truthful and honest rendering, rather than a film that gives the viewing public the impression that life in ‘the family’ was a magical wonderland or harmless having very few negative effects on its members.  Instead, the filmmakers had certain things hidden and withheld from them, by a woman and her partner (both former members) who wanted to gain media attention for themselves, so they conveniently left out aspects of the story while glorifying themselves, and the film contained nothing about how babies had died or how ingesting a mixture of semen and menstrual blood became the apex of Father Yod’s so-called ‘teachings.’

Deteriorating Conditions and Omissions, Life in the Source Family by Laura Garon 2016

It is reasonable to be skeptical of Garon, as it is difficult to discern the authenticity of claims published on an independent blog. However, I do suspect that she was a former member of the Source Family as she claims to be. I believe this because she wrote two articles that showed images of her when she was in the cult. These images can be cross-referenced with those in the documentary to show that she was in contact with verified former members. I am also open to the possibility that she is telling the truth to the best of her abilities as her story has remained consistent over a period of several years. But I will let you judge the authenticity of her claims.

In Conclusion

As I said at the beginning of this article, I will leave it up to you to form your own opinions about the Source Family and the Illuminati. I acknowledge that this article in itself does not provide enough information for one to form a reasonable opinion, but it is my hope that it will serve as a small part of a larger effort to properly inform people of the nature and significance of the Illuminati. I believe that, in time, the truth will present itself and I will provide people with the necessary information to properly judge the Illuminati.

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