President Trump is in a unique position where he, and he alone, has the ability to end Silicon Valley’s war on free speech in one fell swoop. He can do this by abandoning Twitter in favor of Gab. I will explain step-by-step how I could see this process playing out.


Company logo for Gab, a free speech alternative to Twitter.

Toppling the House of Cards

The dangerous part about Silicon Valley’s war on free speech is that most people are oblivious to the fact that it is even occurring. It is not surprising people are this misinformed when you consider the close alliance between Silicon Valley and the mainstream media. At best, the MSM tries to justify Silicon Valley’s increasingly Orwellian speech restrictions under the guise of curbing the exaggerated threat of right-wing “hate speech.” At worst, they flat-out deny that these restrictions are even being enacted. Fortunately, this false narrative is a house of cards waiting to collapse upon the slightest provocation. Trump’s migration to Gab would provide this provocation.

The process would begin by Trump tweeting that he will be leaving Twitter in favor of Gab. In order for this move to be effective, this tweet would have to fulfill several criteria. First, Trump would have to state that he is leaving Twitter on the grounds that they are a media monopoly who intentionally stifle the free exchange of ideas. Second, he must state that he has another unrelated announcement which he will make on Gab. Third, no one can have any advance warning that he is switching to Gab; it has to be a total surprise for the government, media and Silicon Valley.


A hypothetical tweet where Trump announces his migration to Gab.

This is an example of a tweet Trump could use to announce his migration to Gab. This single tweet would put an immense amount of immediate pressure on the MSM and Silicon Valley. I can almost guarantee they would both drop the ball. The first two immediate questions the public would want answered are: what does Trump mean when he says Twitter restricts free speech? And what is Gab? The problem is that the MSM are so blinded by their ideology that they will not know the answers to these questions. Within a matter of hours it would become embarrassingly apparent that this is the case.

A second pressing question people would be asking in conjunction with the first two is: what is Trump’s other announcement? People would quickly figure out (with little help from the MSM) that Gab is a free speech alternative to Twitter. Naturally people would try to download Gab in order to see his announcement, only to realize: you cannot download it because it is not available on Google or Apple’s app store! This will bring up another question: why isn’t Gab available on the Google or Apple app store? Of course, most Trump supporters know that this is due to a larger pattern of censorship by the establishment towards anything to the right of Karl Marx. But it would take several painstaking weeks before the MSM comes to realize what much of the country already knows to be true.

As for Trump’s announcement that he will be making on Gab, it does not necessarily matter what he says. What is important is that he establishes that he will be making an announcement on a platform separate from Twitter. Despite the MSM’s constant criticism of Trump’s Twitter use, the reality is that they are dependent upon it. News outlets that do not have immediate access to the president’s tweets are at a severe disadvantage to those that do. Unfortunately for the MSM, they will not be able to download Gab just like everybody else. They will finally experience firsthand what it is like to go up against the establishment PC police.

In the past, the MSM may have been willing to cover up for Silicon Valley’s censorship. That will not hold true this time. The MSM have too much at stake to be uninformed about Trump’s latest messages. They will have to pressure Google and Apple to make Gab available for download. In a turn of events, the MSM will be pressuring Silicon Valley to end their war on free speech.

Silicon Valley will be in just as rough of shape as the MSM. Twitter will struggle to remain relevant without all of the traffic that Trump brings in. Even if Google and Apple cave in to the demands and make Gab available for download, they will still have to explain why they were not available for download in the first place. Google will be in particularly rough shape as they still will not have fully recovered from their controversial firing of employee James Damore. Before long, even the MSM will have to admit that Silicon Valley is ruled by media monopolies who intentionally censor alternative opinions in the name of preserving the reputation of the establishment.

Other issues will arise that are not so obvious. It is possible that Gab will not have the necessary server strength to deal with the massive influx of traffic that Trump will bring in. This may make it next to impossible for the public and MSM to keep up to date on Trump’s thoughts. In a bizarre turn of events, the MSM may actually beg Trump to return to Twitter in lieu of using Gab. Ideally Trump would stick to his principles and never return to Twitter, but either way people would witness firsthand the massive amount of power held by this media monopoly.

As I said, I think it is important that Trump does not alert anybody in advance of his switch to Gab. Furthermore, I think it is important that he does it sooner rather than later. As it stands today, the MSM and Silicon Valley are totally unprepared to deal with this kind of scenario. However, Silicon Valley is coming under increasing scrutiny for their Orwellian speech restrictions. Google and Apple may cave in to the pressure and make Gab available for download on their app stores. If this happens, Trump’s migration to Gab will lose much of its theatrical punch. It is better for him to switch before they have the chance to do this.

In Conclusion

Switching to Gab may seem like a risky move, even by Trump’s standards, but I do not believe this to be the case. The truth is a powerful thing, and unfortunately for Silicon Valley and the MSM, the truth would be on Trump’s side and not theirs.

Recall the aftermath of Charlottesville, when the MSM adamantly denied Trump’s claim that there was violence on both sides. Not even the MSM could spin ANTIFA into a positive thing. Within weeks they had to cave in and acknowledge the prevalence of left-wing violence. Sometimes the truth is so evident that no amount of lies can cover it up. That is the situation Silicon Valley is in right now.

For now, the MSM has been able to control the narrative, effectively covering up Silicon Valley’s Orwellian censorship attempts. But like I said, this narrative is a house cards. All it would take is a little nudge to bring the whole thing crashing down. Trump has the power to provide that nudge.


  1. How do you figure the MSM and Twitter restrains Trump’s speech? We all have to read his hate-filled diatribes. No one is censoring anything.


    1. A lot of the news outlets I follow are under constant censorship by the blue church, some of which include Mark Dice, Sargon of Akkad, Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopolous. And this is just a small list, I could include a lot more people. This censorship is always justified on the pretense that these people are spreading hate speech and/or promoting violence, but the reality is that their sins are no worse than that of the blue church. In fact, in many cases these people are actually censored for pointing out that it is the blue church who is spreading hate speech and/or promoting violence.


  2. The gab jew haters are the true maggots of our society.they are no different than isis or any like group of animals.good people need to rise up and worl toward eliminatong these animals from our country


    1. Just some food for thought, I’m allowing your speech even though you want to censor mine (and FYI, WordPress automatically puts all comments up for review and I still haven’t figured out how to turn it off).


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