In order to understand the Illuminati religion you must first familiarize yourself with their rituals, one of which is that they treat menstrual blood as a sacrament. Note that despite the lewd subject matter, this article is not an attempt to be provocative. This is a serious investigation into a common Illuminati ritual.

Patterns of behavior are difficult to establish, especially when you are dealing with a religion as secretive as the Illuminati. Given the lack of reliable resources on this subject, it is easy for critics to dismiss any conclusions drawn about the Illuminati as the result of cherry picking from random sources. That being said, there is a point when a pattern of behavior is so pervasive among a group of people that it becomes difficult to deny its existence, even if the pattern is based on information drawn from unreliable sources. I am convinced that the Illuminati’s treatment of menstrual blood as a sacrament is one of these patterns.

Do Not Eat the Cake of Light!


Photo of an OTO Gnostic Mass taken from an unofficial Facebook page for the OTO.

The following article published on the website Dangerous Minds is a firsthand account of a journalist who planned to attend an OTO ritual known as the “Gnostic Mass,” but backed out at the last minute. For those who do not know, the Ordo Templi Orientis (also known as the OTO) is an occult secret society that was popularized by Aleister Crowley, the most influential Illuminati prophet from the past century.

This article confirms what is common knowledge within the occult community: the Gnostic Mass involves eating a sacrament known as the “cake of light,” a cake that contains blood as an ingredient. Any blood can satisfy this requirement, but traditionally the blood is the priestess’ menstrual blood.

The OTO would like me stress that in fact the Cake of Light contains the merest homeopathic hint of this, shall we say, unorthodox ingredient. “A single drop of blood (which may be of any kind),” they write—sort of almost disappointingly really—“is mixed into the dough of one singular cake. That cake is then baked before being burned entirely to ash, which is then mixed into the dough of a batch that could make up to 50 or more cakes.”

The author requested that he only observe the Gnostic Mass, to which one of the OTO members told him everyone present is required to eat the cake of light.

“I was kind of hoping just to observe. Is it obligatory to participate?”

He gives me a very close look. It enters me like a stick gauging the depth of the water.

“Everyone,” he says, firmly, “is expected to take the sacrament.”

Personally, I think the OTO is being disingenuous throughout this article. They are presenting the narrative that the Illuminati only eat menstrual blood in sterile and insignificant quantities, however there are accounts throughout occult literature that contradict this narrative. In order to understand these accounts, you first need to know the terminology that the Illuminati use to describe the menstrual blood sacrament.

“Lunar Blood” is the Menstrual Blood Sacrament

One of the defining characteristics of the Illuminati religion is that they have a secret language that they use among themselves to discuss their activities. This is not a language in the traditional sense, but rather it is a constantly evolving combination of slang, symbols, gestures, allegory and numerical codes. Why they use this language is another topic of discussion, but for now it is important to establish that they use it.


You do not have to search the occult literature very long to find references to menstrual blood being an occult sacrament known as “lunar blood” (or other variations such as “blood of the moon”). The following image is pulled from a thread on reddit wherein the OP asks what lunar blood is. He is asking this question in response to an occult ritual he found that requires 11 drops of lunar blood. The first response to his question explicitly states that lunar blood is menstrual blood.

It is also interesting to note that the posters in this thread frequently use terminology that is unknown to mainstream audiences (i.e. Lilith, Black Moon, MLO, current 218, chaos gnosticism, etc.). This is the secret language that the Illuminati use and it is a great example of the cryptic nature of occult literature.

There are more reliable resources than reddit threads which describe the menstrual blood sacrament. The following cake of light recipe from Hermetic Library (a prominent online source of occult literature) mentions that menstrual blood is an optional ingredient.

  • 1.5 cups flour (I use Kamut)
  • 6 tblsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • 7 tblsp. honey
  • 1 tblsp. wine leavings
  • 7 drops Abramelin oil
  • Optional: Ingredient X*

They cite passages from Liber AL vel Legis (more commonly known as “The Book of the Law”) that describe menstrual blood as an optional ingredient for the cake of light. For those that do not know, The Book of the Law is a book that Aleister Crowley supposedly wrote under the direction of a spiritual entity known as Aiwass. The Book of the Law is arguably the most influential occult writing of the past century and serves as a Bible of sorts for many modern Illuminati.

*Regarding Ingredient X, here is the original Liber Al vel Legis Reference:

II,23: For perfume mix meal & honey & thick leavings of red wine: then oil of Abramelin and olive oil, and afterward soften & smooth down with rich fresh

III,24: The best blood is of the moon, monthly: then the fresh blood of a child, or dropping from the host of heaven: then of enemies; then of the priest or of the
worshippers: last of some beast, no matter what.

III,25: This burn: of this make cakes & eat unto me. This hath also another use; let it be laid before me, and kept thick with perfumes of your orison: it shall
become full of beetles as it were and creeping things sacred unto me.

Note that The Book of the Law does not explicitly refer to menstrual blood, but rather they call it blood of the moon. At this point it is important to provide some clarification as to why the Illuminati associate menstrual blood with the moon. A large part of the Illuminati religion revolves around the belief that feminine and masculine energy can be utilized in sexual rituals (known as “sex magick”) as a way of experiencing divine states of consciousness. The Illuminati believe that feminine energy comes from the moon while masculine energy comes from the sun. This is why the sun and moon are featured so prominently in occult artwork.


The following article was featured on Zero=Two, a blog associated with the OTO. It entertains the idea that menstrual blood is an occult sacrament capable of inducing higher states of consciousness.

Women robed in scarlet sheaths, conducting rituals associated with serpents away from prying eyes, serving Innana, the Goddess of Love, Fertility and War. The color of their clothes was symbolic of their power, but why was blood, particularly their menstrual blood, deemed powerful?  Was it merely in acknowledgement of new life that the womb brings forth? Or were there specific uses for that blood?…

…Ordinarily the Annunaki imbibed the Priestesses’ menstrual blood which they believed was full of nutrients and contained an essence that not only lengthened their lives but also brought them to a higher state of consciousness.

During the temple ceremonies, the Priestesses would also bring themselves to arousal, causing the release of fluid emitted from the Skene’s Gland. This fluid is filtered blood plasma, and so is a rich source of hormones. To achieve this they were trained to enter a meditative state in which each of their seven flowers (or what we know as chakras) ‘blossomed’, starting with the ‘Crown ’ at the top of the head and moving down the spine until it reached the ‘Root’ at the base of the spine. By activating these chakras, the glands were stimulated making the resulting fluid extremely rich and powerful.

The author of the article also entertains the idea that menstrual blood can be used in conjunction with semen for therapeutic purposes.

It is worth noting that the Annunaki were not immortal, they died, often by violence inflicted by each other. What they sought was to live lengthened lives, but in full possession of their physical and mental faculties instead of withering away and living out their final years handicapped by infirmities.

What we have are the symbols of the Fountain of Youth (the Priestesses wombs), the Grail (or mixing bowl), as well as the mixing of the red and white which was the blood and semen of an Annunaki Priestess Ninkhursag and her husband Enki, used to create and nourish life, best expressed in the Templar Cross.


The Knights Templar Cross. Public Domain.


This brings me onto another article, this one which was featured on Tantric Alchemy, a blog managed by a woman named Nadine Lee. It describes how menstrual blood and semen can be used as sacraments in occult rituals.

Something I am so passionate about is my moon time; and the Alchemy that comes with that time. For years I have been experimenting with all different rituals around this powerful elixir; menstrual blood. From magic, to manifestation; and all in between.

Men can also utilize their sacred elixir; their semen. In Tantric practices we teach the retention of the Bindu, (Orgasm without ejaculation); to circulate this powerful energy back into the body; allowing for the energy to rise up into higher chakras & awareness; to complete the kundalini circuit. This leaves the man energized, rather than depleted of energy.

You will notice that she associates her menstrual blood with the moon (she refers to her period as her “moon time”). She goes on to provide detailed instructions on how to use semen and menstrual blood in occult rituals.


A powerful ritual that can be done alone, or with a partner – is to collect the sperm (in a condom preferably); after ejaculation. With your full focus place your intention to use this sacred elixir for manifestation purposes…

…Plant this seed of manifestation…. LITERALLY.

Incorporating alchemy, you can contain the semen in either an IRON or COPPER chalice or bowl. If you do not have these items, source some sort of IRON or COPPER metal or object. Place the elixir with the base metal on a sacred alter; perhaps with your intentions / manifestations written out? Sit by the alter and infuse the elixir with your answers to the manifestations questions above. Infuse all your power and energy into the liquid.

In the morning; or when you feel ready. Preferably on the New Moon. Pour the sperm infused with your seeds of manifestation into the earth. Imagine you are planting seeds of a plant. Witness it grow, each day pay respect to the site & witness & remember your original intentions; and however they may unfold.


The same ritual can be performed as above; similar to the semen ritual.

However instead; collect your blood in a moon cup OR simply bleeding into a cup freely. Then, placing the blood into a SILVER chalice or bowl. Or placing silver items on the alter alongside the blood in a captured vessel. To infuse the blood with the elements of the Moon, and the feminine guiding principles.

Place the intention inside the elixir of “What do I wish to let go off?” & “What can I create room for to receive & manifest & grow in all aspects of my life?”

On the FULL moon, place the blood over the garden or back into the earth. Upholding the strong intention as you perform the releasing & recall ritual.

I believe that Nadine Lee is a true believer in the idea that menstrual blood is a sacrament. Not only does her website sell menstrual cups designed for the purpose of collecting menstrual blood for use in occult rituals, but her YouTube channel provides detailed instructions on how to collect and use menstrual blood for such purposes. She even sells copper chalices which are used to hold menstrual blood in occult rituals.


The following article is from the website Mirror of Isis. Like all of the other articles I have listed, it entertains the idea that menstrual blood is an occult sacrament.

Women have been associated with the moon for longer than the human being has been human. Unlike early man, woman could bleed in harmony with the cycles of the moon, and not be harmed. When women live together in close proximity, their cycles become co-ordinated; in natural light they tend to ovulate on or around the full moon, and bleed on or around the waning or dark moon. Furthermore, menstrual blood has very magickal qualities: it attracts some animals and repels others; and it is an excellent fertilizer. Imagine the effect this had upon early man, who bled only with great danger or harm; and who survived on hunting and agriculture

The article goes on to present the idea that prehistoric people recognized the spiritual power of menstrual blood and thus properly revered it as a sacrament. It was not until patriarchal social structures emerged that menstrual blood was treated as something unclean. Apparently this change in perception of menstrual blood was facilitated by men who were jealous of the spiritual power women possessed.

“The female genital, source of blood for the magick of hunting and agriculture, source of keeping track of time, source of counting and measuring, source of geometry and babies and umbilical cords and the knowledge of tying, of connections; of flowering and fruiting and desiring — the female genital was worth-shipped, the female body was held valuable as a source and as a force; held valuable because of the sciences its mind produced and the wealth of culture that followed after.” (From “Sacred Blood”, see below)

So HOW did we get from “worthshipping” and “the woman’s friend” to “icky curse”? The answer is a long story of power, authority, their abuse, and public relations. One of the most important and astonishing stories on earth concerns the jealousy many men feel toward women — their magickal menstrual and birthing powers, and the solutions they have developed to deal with this.

Menstrual Blood and The Source Family


The Source Family is an Illuminati cult from the 1960-70’s that I have wrote about in the past. Note that I do not think there is anything particularly significant about the Source Family aside from the fact that they are unusually candid about their practices and beliefs, in contrast to most Illuminati cults which are quite secretive.


A younger version of Laura Garon, an alleged former member of the Source Family, along with her partner Tim Garon.

The Source Family has made statements to the public vaguely referring to the fact that they engaged in sex magick rituals. However, I was able to find statements from an alleged former member, Laura Garon, who describes the sex magick in greater detail on her blog Life in the Source Family.

She claims that the sex magick revolved around eating qudosh, a sacrament that consisted of a combination of semen and menstrual blood. She has a negative opinion of qudosh and claims that rather than being a source of spiritual enlightenment, it was a way for their leader, Jim Baker, to systematically abuse the cult members for his own selfish purposes.

The Feeding Frenzy

In an earlier post titled ‘Sex That Was Not Magic’, I wrote about the ceremonial ‘sex magic’ referred to as qudosh by Father Yod which he enthusiastically adopted and implemented into the ‘magical’ practice of The Source Family; something that he clearly adopted after reading books by Aleister Crowley, no doubt either De Arte Magicka or Book of The Law

Being Overweight or Gay

But, using women as sexual pawns in one man’s need or desire to seek spiritual fulfillment through practicing sexual ceremonies which he imposed on an entire group of people where he believed that using his own semen and the menstrual blood of women would convey the ultimate spiritual awakening or attainment

Deteriorating Conditions and Omissions

the film contained nothing about how babies had died or how ingesting a mixture of semen and menstrual blood became the apex of Father Yod’s so-called ‘teachings.’

Not The Only One

As if it’s somehow better to hide and ignore the truth about the deaths of babies and the ingesting of semen and menstrual blood for the hero-worship of Jim Baker along with a ‘magical’ version of events; then definitely consider me that one person!  But, nothing that I have written about on this blog is ‘unfounded or misunderstood rumors’!  Good grief.

In Conclusion

I understand that this article is an exhausting read, but you have to understand the challenges I face in proving to people that the Illuminati treat menstrual blood as a sacrament. I am trying to prove that a pattern of behavior exists among the Illuminati, a secretive group of people who claim to have nothing in common with one another. Not only are they secretive, but on the occasions that they do make public statements they do it using a secret language that is never explicitly defined in any reliable publications. More broadly, this is a good representation of the challenges the public faces in uncovering the truth about the Illuminati.

As it stands today, the literature on the Illuminati is too scarce for this subject to ever be properly discussed in what people consider to be reliable, mainstream publications. My suspicion is that the Illuminati are intentionally trying to create this state of affairs, for reasons I do not yet fully understand.

One thing I want to emphasize is that this article is neither a criticism nor an endorsement of the Illuminati, but rather it is part of series of articles I am writing that attempt to establish the facts about the Illuminati. While it is true that I have opinions about the Illuminati, I believe that it is important for me to establish the facts before I begin sharing my opinions.

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