If one wants to truly understand social justice, transhumanism and the Illuminati, they need to understand the people behind these ideologies. After all, social movements would be powerless if not for the people who they were comprised of. Technology entrepreneur Martine Rothblatt is a great representation of the future of these movements.

Rothblatt’s most famous entrepreneurial accomplishment is being the creator of Sirius Satellite Radio, though she has other accomplishments as well, including founding the biotechnology company United Therapeutics. Rothblatt had a net worth of $340 million according to a May 2017 estimate by Forbes.

In addition to her entrepreneurial accomplishments, Rothblatt is equally famous for her ties to social justice, transhumanism and the Illuminati. This is not particularly unusual as these ideologies have more than a casual overlap with one another, especially in the scientific community.

Rothblatt has been committed to the promotion of feminist transgenderism long before it became a staple of mainstream American third-wave feminism, as evidenced by her 1995 book Apartheid of Sex: A Manifesto on the Freedom of Gender. According to the book description:

Rothblatt makes a case for the adoption of a new sexual model that accommodates every shade of gender identity. She reveals that traditional male and female roles are dictated neither by genetics, genitals, nor reproductive biology, but rather by social attitudes that originated in early patriarchal cultures and that have been institutionalized in modern law, and she calls a new acceptance of human sexuality in all its prismatic variety.

Rothblatt was born a male named Martin Rothblatt, and changed her name to Martine upon transitioning to a female in 1994. This transition allowed Rothblatt to once earn the title as the highest paid female CEO in America.

Rothblatt’s transhumanist religion, Terasem, builds off her transgender activism. According to 2012 Truths of Terasem (the self-proclaimed Bible of Terasem), the goal of Terasem is to use technology to transform humanity into God:

Godness grows as geoethical technology grows. Hence, God is technological. The better technology we develop, the sooner we will be able to give everyone a joyful quality of life. One day, much sooner than we think, and because of the exponential advance of technology, we will achieve complete knowledge of our environment and we will use geoethical nanotechnology to stop all harms from being done.

At that moment, we morph into God. At that moment the Godness of Terasem, the Godness of current technology, becomes simply the Oneness of Diversity, Unity & Joyful Immortality.

This book goes on to describe the specifics of what this transformation will look like and the timeline it will follow:

2.1.6 Souls will be reanimated via mindware and mindfiles because it is doable, respectful and completes Terasem.

3.4.3 Avoidable pain caused in emulated reality is as cruel as causing pain in original reality.

3.4.4 Vicious people will not be cyber-resurrected because biocyberethics proscribes causing pain in data emulations of reality.

4.4 Julian calendar time, adjusted for lapses in double exponential growth, marks progress toward multiversal Terasem.

4.4.1 Before the year 2100 we will witness full cyberization of diverse, united earthlife.

4.4.2 Before the year 2200 we will witness self-replicating system unification of the Milky Way Galaxy.

4.4.3 Before the year 2300 we will witness complete emulation of the Milky Way galaxy.

4.4.4 Before the year 2400 we will witness self-replicating system unification of the universe.

4.4.5 Before the year 2500 we will witness complete emulation of the universe.

4.4.6 Before the year 2600 we will witness joyful immortality via the control of cosmic physics.

5.2.3 Terasem’s omnificence will vanquish evil everywhere our collective consciousness encompasses reality.

Essentially Rothblatt is arguing that Terasem will utilize transhumanism and the exponential growth of artificial intelligence to create a God-like hive mind of interconnected consciousness to rule the universe. She further makes the claim that Terasem will utilize technology to resurrect all the lives (both human and animal) that have died prior to this event so that all consciousness which has ever existed can participate in this utopia.

This promise comes with one catch however, and it is that all the “vicious” and “evil” people will not be allowed to participate in this hive mind and that by excluding them, Terasem will effectively eliminate evil from the universe. This is an interesting caveat, as it seems to validate the complaints of transhumanist critics.

For better or worse, radio host Alex Jones is arguably the de facto leader of the resistance to the transhumanist movement. On February 1st 2017 he gave a remarkably candid interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast wherein he laid out how he believes there is a global political elite who want to use technology to elevate themselves to God-like status at the expense of the rest of humanity (the above video begins at the part where he provides this explanation). Jones goes on to explain how the elite believe themselves to be in contact with malevolent spiritual entities which are providing them with the guidance to carry out this plan.

Not only is Terasem in the process of creating a breakaway civilization as Jones has described, but they are proponents of Kundalini yoga, a series of techniques frequently employed by the Illuminati to induce altered states of consciousness which supposedly allows humans to realize their divine potential. In some cases, this may include bringing people into contact with supernatural entities. Note that for the purposes of this article, I am defining the Illuminati as, at a minimum, a loosely organized religion predicated on the belief that humans possess untapped divine potential.

Terasem’s official website has uploaded videos wherein Rothblatt demonstrates how to perform Kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga is a practice far to expansive for me to fully summarize in this article, but if you want to learn more about it Amazon sells numerous books on this subject.


Aside from her endorsement of Kundalini yoga, Rothblatt only makes casual references to the Illluminati, the other notable example being the logo for her company Sirius Satellite Radio. Sirius, commonly referred to as the “dog star” by the Illuminati, has an important occult significance. It is beyond the scope of this article to explain this significance, but the blogger The Vigilant Citizen has provided a good summary.

Ray Kurzweil keynote address.

Photo of Ray Kurzweil courtesy of null0 at flickr- https://www.flickr.com/photos/null0/271935168/

Admittedly Rothblatt’s involvement with the Illuminati is minimal, however she does have a stronger influence within the transhumanist movement. There have been several occasions when Rothblatt has collaborated with Ray Kurzweil, the most influential proponent of the transhumanist movement. Kurzweil has made countless contributions to the transhumanist movement, but his 2009 documentary Transcendent Man is the best way to familiarize oneself with his work. The film essentially serves as a manifesto wherein he lays out his plans to use his entrepreneurial activities in technology to transform the human race into an interconnected global hive mind, much in the same way that Rothblatt wants to do.

Rothblatt is a contributor on Kurzweil’s personal webiste, Kurzweilai.net, and she was the executive producer for his 2010 film The Singularity is Near, a film dedicated to exploring transhumanism. Kurzweil also wrote the forward for her 2014 book Virtually Human: The Promise—and the Peril—of Digital Immortality.

Rothblatt has made more concrete contributions to the transhumanist movement aside from promoting their ideology. Rothblatt gained some attention when she revealed several years ago that she is producing a robot modeled after her wife Bina Rothblatt. Her intention behind producing this robot is that it will serve as a prototype for which people can back up their personal information so that it can be uploaded to the global transhumanist hive mind.

In Conclusion

Bear in mind that Rothblatt is just one part of a series of loosely connected social movements, particularly social justice, transhumanism and the Illuminati. I am not trying to attribute any significance to Rothblatt aside from this. I am certainly not implying that Rothblatt is the leader of these movements.

I did not have to work in scientific research very long before I came to the conclusion that these ideologies are all loosely cooperating with one another towards an inevitable end, whether they realize it or not. I think Rothblatt provides a good representation of the beliefs held by many members of the scientific community. Aside from achieving an unusually high level of success, I do not think there is anything particularly unique about Rothblatt.

It remains to be seen whether or not Terasem’s vision of a global hive mind will be successful, but I do know that an extensive amount of humanity’s resources are being directed towards this effort. At the same time, a resistance towards this movement seems to be forming with increasing intensity. I cannot predict how this conflict will play out, but my feeling is that it will come to a head within the next several decades, possibly as a mainstream political issue. Regardless, these are interesting times we live in.


Note: featured image was provided courtesy Andre Chung at Wikimedia Commons https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Martine-Rothblatt2-5773.jpg

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