Conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos has been gaining notoriety over the past several years for exposing the corrupting effect social justice is having on higher education. Despite the numerous attacks on his credibility by his critics, there have not been any serious investigations into whether or not he is involved with the Illuminati. Personally, I think it is plausible that he is involved with the Illuminati.

I want to start off by saying that I appreciate some of the work Yiannopoulos is doing. His tactics are unorthodox and there may be times when he goes too far with his satire. On the other hand, I myself have been directly confronting academic SJWs for several years now, so I am familiar with the numerous intimidation tactics they use against heretics (including terrorism). I know from personal experience that social justice is a toxic and divisive ideology that cannot be reasoned with. Sometimes Yiannopoulos’ brand of trolling is the only way to stand up to them.

At the same time, I believe it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the Illuminati are a real religion whose cultural significance is overlooked by mainstream society (note that for the purposes of this article I am defining the Illuminati as a loosely organized religion). As such I think it is important that we examine all of the ways the Illuminati are influencing our society, even if they are doing it through people with which we are politically aligned.

The Illuminati Aesthetic

The Illuminati are an amorphous religion based on several core principles, primarily the belief that humans are spiritual beings who can experience divinity through altered states of consciousness. These principles manifest in numerous ways depending on the denomination, but a common characteristic of their religion is that they utilize an aesthetic which features a combination of drugs, sex and/or violence. As I have explained in a prior article, this aesthetic is usually used in a ritualistic manner with the intention of creating an atmosphere of debauchery and sacrilege.

Another characteristic of the Illuminati is that they use a secret language to communicate among themselves. This language is not a language in the traditional sense, but rather it is a combination of slang, symbols, gestures, allegory and numerical codes. This language is not recognized by mainstream society, and as such the Illuminati frequently use it in the media against people’s knowledge.

Yiannopoulos has used gestures in the past that could potentially be part of this secret language, though as you will see this language is so innocuous that it is oftentimes difficult to tell if it is being used on purpose.

These images from Yiannopoulos’ Instagram page show him making the “one eye sign,” an alleged Illuminati gesture (clockwise from the top left – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). The following images from his Facebook page also depict the one eye sign (left to right – 1, 2, 3).

I cannot prove definitively that the one eye sign is an Illuminati gesture, but I can prove that the Illuminati sometimes use it in conjunction with other symbols that I know are from their secret language. It is outside the scope of this article to prove that this pattern exists, but the best resource for proving its existence is a monthly segment (called “Pics of the Month”) by the blogger The Vigilant Citizen.

Just to clarify, the one eye sign is a gesture where the Illuminati cover one of their eyes. I am only speculating, but I suspect they do this as a way of signaling to other members that they are part of the Illuminati. Aside from that, there are three significant occult concepts I can think of that it may represent:

  1. It represents the third eye, known in medical terms as the pineal gland. The Illuminati claim that they can manipulate the third eye to release the psychedelic drug dimethyltryptamine, which in turn allows them to come in contact with their divine natures by inducing an altered state of consciousness. They primarily activate their third eye through yoga and/or ritualistic sexual intercourse (commonly known as “sex magick”).
  2. It represents the Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian deity who is worshiped by the Illuminati. The Illuminati prophet Aleister Crowley is famous for proclaiming that he helped usher in a new spiritual age known as the “Æon of Horus” (the Illuminati also call it the “Age of Aquarius”).
  3. It represents the eye of Lucifer, which is commonly presented as an eye sitting atop an unfinished pyramid.

The eye of Lucifer is oftentimes depicted as sitting atop an unfinished pyramid, as seen here on the back of the US $1 bill.

Yiannopoulos has also employed the Illuminati aesthetic to use drugs, sex and/or violence for the purpose of creating an atmosphere of debauchery and sacrilege. My prior article on the Illuminati aesthetic specifically covered the Los Angeles based secret society SNCTM, a club which hosts orgies that incorporate the Illuminati aesthetic. Yiannopoulos mentioned in his 2017 autobiography Dangerous that he has or would like to attend SNCTM parties. During the acknowledgements section of his book he stated:

Thank you to my dark angel Lexica for helping me to produce the best pop album of 2017. You shaped my thinking and I am forever grateful. One day we will be free at a Snctm party in the Hills.

Note that I have been following Yiannopoulos closely for several years now and I do not know who Lexica is nor do I know of any pop albums that he produced in 2017.

Yiannopoulos has employed the Illuminati aesthetic in his own work, such as during the launch party for Dangerous. This video, taken from his YouTube channel, shows the highlights of this party. In addition to showing the one eye sign several times, the party produced a sacrilegious atmosphere by featuring strippers dressed in traditional Muslim women’s garb.


There is nothing particularly unusual about Yiannopoulos’ book launch party, as he is known for having a flamboyant personality. The following video from his YouTube channel shows highlights from his Cinco de Milo party on May 5 2017 (Cince de Milo being a reference to “Cince de Mayo”). As far as I can tell it does not contain any overt Illuminati symbols, but it does create an atmosphere of debauchery:

Yiannopoulos’ and Pedophile Rings

Personally, I consider the Illuminati to be a sexually abusive religion, so I am not surprised that they are oftentimes accused of (or even caught) being associated with pedophile rings. It is outside the scope of this article for me to explain why I consider the Illuminati to be sexually abusive nor do I have time to give an in depth synopsis of the times they have been associated with pedophile rings.

That being said, if you want some resources on this topic, a good place to start is by investigating the Franklin Scandal. The scandal is 25 years old, but several books have been written on the subject that provide evidence for both the existence of pedophile rings and the Illuminati’s involvement with them (see The Franklin Cover-Up, Franklin Scandaland Rabbit Hole). You can also track down the banned BBC documentary Conspiracy of Silence (there are copies of it circulating on YouTube):

Yiannopoulos has an interesting relationship with pedophile rings. He has made jokes in the past about being sexually abused by older men while he was still an adolescent, but due to the nature of his satire people had a difficult time discerning whether or not these incidents actually occurred.

He is also one of the few journalists to have covered Pizzagate from the point of view that it may be a credible scandal. For those who are unaware, Pizzagate was a scandal that arose in late 2016 wherein independent journalists claimed to have uncovered evidence for the existence of pedophile rings created with the intent of servicing political elites.

Pizzagate was a complex scandal as it built off several decades of conspiracy folklore (including the previously mentioned Franklin Scandal). The complexity was exacerbated further by the political maelstrom created by Donald Trump’s then recent victory as president. Pizzagate died off almost as quickly as started, thanks in large part to the fact that it was among the first stories to be branded as fake news by the liberal establishment.

Personally, I am not convinced that Pizzagate was fake news, but unfortunately the story got killed too fast by the mainstream media before it could be properly analyzed. Regardless, Yiannopoulos intended to speak about Pizzagate on December 5, 2016 at Miami University during the height of the scandal. His presentation, originally titled “Pizzagate: The Deep Dish on Democrats and Pedophilia,” was changed at the last minute to “On Stabby Muslims, Campus Censors, And Daddy’s Transition” after being delayed for at least half an hour. Yiannopoulos began it by saying:

I’m sorry I’m a little late for you…We’re going to talk this evening about a few things that are close to my heart, a few important things. Although I do have one announcement to make, which is that sadly, when I announced that I was going to be speaking about Pizzagate this evening, I got a number of phone calls with Washington area codes saying “not yet! stop it!” So we are going to talk about a few other things instead.

No one knows what exactly he meant by this statement, though he seems to have implied that he will be speaking about Pizzagate (or at least pedophile rings) at a later date. He also seems to have implied that his effort to expose pedophile rings is part of a larger effort involving political insiders located within Washington D.C. This is not as implausible as it may sound when you consider that there are only 2 degrees of separation between Yiannopoulos and President Trump; Yiannopoulos’ then boss Stephen Bannon (the manager of Breitbart news) was the chief strategist for President Trump at the time.

In a turn of events, Yiannopoulos was himself accused of condoning pedophilia based on comments he made on the the podcasts Joe Rogan Experience and Drunken Peasants. These accusations culminated in a rare apology from Yiannopoulos on February 21, 2017. During the apology he revealed that he was sexually abused by older men while still an adolescent, and that it caused him to descend into a life of “alcohol and nihilistic partying.” He claims he was trying to make light of the situation through his satire, but he understood how those jokes could be interpreted as condoning pedophilia. As a token of his apology, he resigned from his position at Breitbart News.

The interesting thing about this revelation is that it validates the possibility of Yiannopoulos having ties to pedophile rings, even if his role in these rings was as a victim rather than a participant. Either way, he may have some inside knowledge that will prove useful in exposing these rings (assuming that they exist).

Yiannopoulos maintained a low profile for several months after his apology, but he has since resurfaced and continues to make appearances on college campuses, in addition to releasing his autobiography and making daily updates on his YouTube channel.

Yiannopoulos featured independent journalist Mike Cernovich on his YouTube channel on October 25, 2017. Among other things, they discussed the prevalence of pedophile rings in the entertainment industry, with both agreeing that the Harvey Weinstein scandal is an intentional distraction from the pedophile rings:

Yiannopoulos: Let’s put some of this in context. Harvey Weinstein, delicious. We’re all enjoying the spectacle, but it is by no means the worst thing that’s going to come out about Hollywood. I was stopped on the street the other day, “what do you think about Weinstien?” What do I think about Weinstein? It is an inevitable, obvious thing to happen, but it is just the first shoe to drop in what I think will be an extinction-level event for Hollywood. And it’s not about more women coming out about more producers, it’s about when this pivots to child abuse…

Cernovich: …So I think they gave Harvey Weinstein to the wolves because the pedophilia stuff was about to break. Because it’s been proven now the media covered up for decades for Harvey Weinstein. Why now right? So I think the pedophile stuff was about to break…I would be shocked if we don’t have a big pedophile scandal within six months.

Note that there have been rumors for years that pedophile rings have infiltrated the entertainment industry. There are also rumors that they are associated with the same pedophile rings that supposedly service our political elites. It is beyond the scope of this article to provide a summary for this theory as it is quite extensive, however the best resource for educating yourself about pedophile rings in Hollywood is the 2015 documentary An Open Secret (available for free on Vimeo for a limited time).

A Jewish Conspiracy?

Another angle to the Illuminati conspiracy that I have yet to cover on this site is that the Illuminati are headed by a Jewish cabal. Yiannopoulos, himself being part Jewish (his maternal grandmother was Jewish), has been accused of promoting the agenda of this cabal. The general theory is that the Jews are intentionally using the entertainment industry (among other things) as a vehicle for corrupting the non-Jewish masses. Their preferred methods of corruption are said to be by promoting drugs, promiscuity and other immoral behavior. Given his degenerate demeanor, it is not surprising that Yiannopoulos has been accused of promoting this agenda.

Unfortunately I do not have the resources to properly investigate the connection between Jews and the Illuminati, let alone whether or not Yiannopoulos is a part of it. I do know that occult literature frequently states that the ancient Jews were privy to esoteric spiritual knowledge which continues to be passed along through secret societies such as Freemasonry.

Two books that are good resources for exploring this topic include Albert Pike’s 1872 book Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and Manly P. Hall’s 1928 book The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Both of these books are intimidating reads, each being well over 500 pages long (I have not yet fully read either book).

Further complicating the situation is that the modern resources on this subject are under constant censorship. The neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer provides the best representation (that I know of) of the argument that Yiannopoulos is part of a Jewish conspiracy. The Daily Stormer has in the past accused Yiannopoulos of posing as a conservative for the purpose of corrupting the alt right. At the time of this writing The Daily Stormer has been censored from the internet, so I cannot provide links to the occasions where they have said this.

In Conclusion

We live in a time of political and social chaos. The best strategy that I know of for navigating this chaos is to rely on the truth as much as possible. This includes examining reality from every possible angle, regardless of how absurd they may seem. Unfortunately this is not always easy as the truth is complicated and it contains some realities that people are reluctant to accept.

The truth is that social justice is an evil ideology which is being openly promoted by the liberal establishment, and that Yiannopoulos has been an essential asset in resisting its creeping totalitarianism. The truth is also that the Illuminati are influencing society against their knowledge, and that Yiannopoulos may be actively promoting their agenda.

Despite my reliance on the truth, I know that we all have a limited ability to discern the truth, and as such there comes a point when we have to rely on our instincts. My instincts tell me that Yiannopoulos has some inside knowledge on the Illuminati. Whether he will use that knowledge to promote or expose their agenda (or even a combination of the two) remains to be seen, but I suspect the day is coming when he will be forced to take a stand on this issue.

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