Standard System Units

I. Introduction

Standard system units (SSU) are a lexicon that enables scientists to simplify their work so that it can be understood by scientists in different fields of study. My intention behind creating SSU is that they will help scientists navigate the current scientific paradigm shift by facilitating more effective cross-field communication. SSU will have the added benefit of introducing an element of falsifiability to the emerging field of social sciences which are still in the protoscientific stage of development.

Science and Philosophy

Feminism is a Pseudoscience

Before branding feminism a pseudoscience, it is important to identify what a pseudoscience is.┬áThere is disagreement within the scientific community about what constitutes pseudoscience, but the generally agreed upon definition was created by the philosopher Karl Popper. Popper’s definition states that if a conclusion is based off a hypothesis which is unfalsifiable, then it is pseudoscience.

Science and Philosophy